Do you want to lose weight and stay that way? 
Imagine if you knew how to keep the weight off forever! 
What if I told you its already inside you to be able to do this but bad habits that you’ve created are blocking you? 
It's your mindset that is stopping you, the daft excuses you tell yourself everyday! 
Such as: 
• I can’t lose weight, because my job is so sedentary I can’t exercise enough 
• I can’t change my diet as I am too addicted to chocolate 
• I need to drink because it helps me relax. 
• I am over weight because of my genetics. 
The list of things we tell ourselves is endless! 
The point is you have to WANT to CHANGE!  
The pain or discomfort you feel has to out weigh the pleasure you get from maintaining your current lifestyle. 
What is your why or where? 
This all comes from knowing WHY you want to CHANGE. If you know why you want it then that is the best starting point! WHAT is it that is going to make life so much better if you change your current habits. HOW will you FEEL when you are WHERE you want to be? 
It could be something as simple as running for the bus without thinking about it! Running up the stairs without getting out or breath or just being able to touch your toes. 
Or it could be wanting to compete in a bikini contest or run a marathon! Whatever your thing is, It has to be YOUR thing for YOU and no one else otherwise it won’t work. 
Are you at that point? Do you know what you want to achieve? 
The chances are you are unhappy in your current state and don’t know or have a rough idea. You may need a little help to get to that point of realising what it is you want to achieve or you may have been inspired by something. Either way I can help you. I had no idea what it was that I was striving when I first set out on my fitness journey. My main goal was for my thighs to not to wobble when I walk! I didn’t think I would be doing that on stage and in a bikini! But hey I am different and its not for everyone! You’re goal will more than likely be different as we are all unique. 
Do you want to know how to change your mindset to make a successful change to your lifestyle for forever?  
Now we get to the HOW! 
Well, I can show you how. I love helping people realise their dreams and then smashing them as they go on to reach even higher, I firmly believe we all have this ability, we just hide it away from ourselves as it means change and change brings fear. 
It has been said that the most exciting things happen on the other side of fear!  
So, I dare you to share with me what it is you want to strive for?  
What is your dream?  
Let’s make it a goal and I can write you a plan to make it happen! With my support,I will motivate and encourage you to get your there!  
You do not have to do this alone! 
Go on, take the first step today and contact me for a FREE coffee and a chat. Its time to be AMAZING and not just ok. We all deserve that! 
Thanks for reading, Katherine x 
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