Yes the children have finally gone back to school! I understand that not everyone has children but it does seem to be a marker in the calendar from a health and fitness perspective! I guess that is because of the change in the weather, most people have had their annual summer holiday and is getting back into the swing of their routine again. Well that is certainly the case for me! 
And like everyone else I have over indulged a little (well it has just been my birthday – that’s no excuse by the way!) I have definitely put on some weight not just muscle either I have a little too much fat too! 
But what has this got to do with a line? Well this is about something my business coach has taught me and it applies to all aspects of life not just my business! The line I am talking about is The Line of Choice! 
Let me explain… you see in the diagram there is a line. 
Below the line - We are the victim, we make our BED and lay in it! 
1. Blame – I have been blaming the holidays, my birthday, doing stuff with the kids, being in a new relationship! I am only human like everyone else and I put weight on quickly when I eat rubbish and miss my gym! Believe or not I have done both of these things over the last few weeks. 
2. Excuses - You see I have been making lots of excuse! I have blamed being in a new relationship (eating out more) well it would be rude not too (excuses I didn’t have to order the ice-cream. 
3. Denial - I told myself one won’t hurt having an ice-cream at the end of a meal, but every meal is a different matter! 
However all of this is really down to me, It was my choice none made me do it! It was my own my lack of self-discipline and motivation! 
Anyway enough of this below the line negativity its time to get above the line of choice! 
Rising up above the line of choice we are the Victor, we paddle our own ship! 
1. Ownership – we take ownership of where we are! I own this body it’s a bit fluffy but it’s mine! 
2. Action – yes we do something about it! I have reinstated my 6am gym session and written myself my own meal plan. I am tracking my calories on my fitness pal and I have set my course to lose 5kg in 5 week! 
3. Responsibility – I am the only person who can do this. Its my body, my choice to exercise it, my choice to fuel it properly so that is what I shall do! 
Easy for me as I know exactly what I have been doing wrong and how to correct it, I will loose 5kg in 5 weeks because I know how to! But do you? 
Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you just need a little help! 
The pathway to Victory is this way! 
Option 1 - 1-2-1 Fitness Coaching in your home. 
I can coach you through had your hand and drag you above the line with a complete 1-2-1 personal training and fitness coaching service my gold standard all sing all dancing complete service! I come to your home, train you, give you a meal plan. Click here for more info  
Option 2 (ladies only) Gym Based Training  
My ladies transformation club runs on a Sunday 1pm till 2.30pm at Body & Soul Gym. It includes a ladies only training session, body composition weigh in, accountability, meal plans and exercise plans to follow for a 12 week transformation. For more details fill in a contact me form and I will send you more details. 
Option 3 Online Meal planning 
A bespoke meal planning service that tailors a food guide to your specific needs that’s fits your own metabolic rate, lifestyle and dietary requirements. This is only £1 a day click here for more details. 
Try my free Metabolic calculate and calculate your own calorie deficit for free with my online calculator. There is also an option to buy a 28 day meal plan for only £9.99. This is excellent value and will give you the push up to get above the line that you need! 
Where would you like to be, above or below the line? 
Its all a matter of choice. I would love to help you! 
Get in touch, thank you for reading! 
Katherine x 
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