A common problem for us all. 
This came up yesterday whilst training my client Louise. Louise has been with me a year now and really enjoys her sessions. She is much fitter and is maintaining her current weight. However, she feels she has plateaued and still not entirely happy with how she looks. She told me “I still do not like myself in trousers they just don’t fit like they should”. 
All the small things! 
After seeing my video on social media about my 28 day plans it made her look her eating habits again. “I admit they have slipped” she said. I asked her why she felt they had slipped. Louise said, “I just, over indulged at the weekends, have the odd glass of wine in the week and snack here and there”. It does not sound like much, it’s just what we all do, but it’s the small things over time that add up. 
Don’t be so hard on yourself! 
Rather than beat yourself up over it, ask yourself why is it important to you that you fit into those trousers? Louise said, “I would feel more confident if I could just wear them without feeling uncomfortable, without seeing that muffin top”. 
Bring what you want to the forefront of your mind. 
I suggested she found a picture of herself wearing the trousers when she felt great in them and put it somewhere she would see it daily, like on the fridge or kitchen cupboard. You see the subconscious mind doesn’t recognise what is real and what isn’t. It will automatically set your mindset and behaviours to seek out what you want. In this case to be more mindful of what and how much you are eating. 
Follow your plan 80% and keep treats to just that – a treat! 
When you are happy with yourself in general, you don’t remind yourself of why things are important to you. Your mind will not prioritise it as important; the need for the sweets or glass of wine then overrides the need to lose weight/inches. We tend to go for the instant gratification of the chosen treat. I am not saying you shouldn’t treat yourself every now and then; just do it once a week rather than for the whole weekend! Yeah sure a one off will not make a massive difference, but you need to be following your plan at least 80% of the time for it to work. 
Fail to plan: plan to fail! 
Make sure you have got all the right food in, plan what you are going to eat each week and every evening plan what you will be eating the next day. This stops you panic eating or snacking on things that are not quite so good for you. 
So, what’s good and what’s bad! 
Well too much of anything is going to make you gain weight! It’s about making the right choices. If you are struggling with what the right choices are or bored of the same food, why not try my new 28-day plan. It’s only £9.99, this includes what to eat how much, how often, recipes and a shopping list. 
It’s so simple 
Go to the online calculator and fill in your details it will give you the correct plan for your metabolic rate. Pay via PayPal and it will arrive in your inbox instantly! Go to www.katherinebray.com/28-day-plan
If you need any further help please drop me a line or email via the contact me form, I would love to hear from you. 
Thanks for reading 
Katherine x  
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On 16th August 2018 at 17:26, Melissa Huntsman wrote:
Hi. Do you offer gluten free meal plans? Many thanks
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