In fact, food is essential to life! Without it we can’t function. This is a bit of a Blinding Flash of the Obvious otherwise known as a BFO! 
So why is it we deny ourselves food when we know we need it? When we feel bad about ourselves or how we look the first thing we often do is say “I am going on a diet”, or “I am a fat cow and I need to stop being such a piggy!” We aren’t exactly kind to ourselves, are we? And I am as guilty of it as the next person! 
I had a lovely coaching session with a client this morning, it was all about getting the fuel right. Like lots of people she was confused about the right amount to eat, skipping meals, not eating breakfast. Only eating tiny amounts as she has no appetite. After weighing her with my body composition scales and explaining to her how our metabolisms work she now understands the importance of getting the right fuel in. If you want a toned and firmer body you need to provide the muscles with the fuel to grow lean muscle. This increases your metabolic rate, in other words you burn more calories when you are not doing anything! 
You should not be waiting until you are hungry to eat. 
If you are hungry the chances are that you will over eat! It is much better to eat small meals more regularly to ensure you keep your blood sugar levels at a constant. This helps avoid the spikes and dips that cause us to crave the wrong food. This is also one of the main causes of that tired feeling in the mid-afternoon. Concentration levels dip and we tend to reach for a sweet sugary treat to boost our energy levels. Not the way to go, sugar is what makes us fat! It is not any food group that makes you fat if you eat the right balance of each of the right macros (Carbohydrate, Protein and Fats). 
Carbohydrate is not bad for you! 
Another myth! Your body needs carbohydrate! Without it we become ill. What are bad for you is the refined carbohydrates found in processed foods (anything in a package) and refined sugars. Its ok to have then occasionally but too much of them and you will gain weight. Usually they are high in calories and generally not very filling, often we feel hungry within an hour of consuming them and then crave more of the same! 
Confusion over conflicting advice 
There is so much conflicting advice on the internet, social media and in the News generally. Quite frankly it is better to follow a tried and tested method that you know is healthy and works. Not the latest fad diet, fasting, colon cleanse or slim fast meal replacement. You need to let your body find its natural metabolic rate, yo-yo dieting or starving it fasting will not help you long term, provide with healthy consistent fuel. You need to adjust your lifestyle do not follow a temporary diet, there is no quick fix for sustainable results. 
Always eat breakfast, have a mid-morning snack, a light lunch, a mid afternoon snack and then a substantial evening meal. Make sure you eat a good balance of protein, carbs and fats with each meal. Not forgetting to drink plenty of water! 
Still confused? 
Yes, I realise this whole topic is a little confusing and most people do not want to spend their time thinking about it too much! Do not worry though help is at hand! Over the last year I have been designing bespoke 90-day meal plans for my clients. All have had great success with them too. My bespoke plans are only the equal vent to£1 a day, £90 in total and offer a tailor-made solution to planning your food on a meal by meal, day by day and week by week basis. They include shopping lists and recipes; all the food is easily affordable and available from your local supermarket. All you must do is follow the plan and reap the rewards of eating well and losing weight at the same time just as my client Paul Storey has. 
However, I realise not everyone has £90 to spare on a bespoke package. That is why I have written a 28-day plan for 6 different metabolisms and these are only £9.99. So, you can give it try for a fraction of the cost. All you must do is go to and fill in the free metabolic rate calculator. It will then tell you which plan is appropriate. Click the buy now button and pay through PayPal and you will receive your 18-page plan instantly via email (you may have to check your Junk). 
Still unsure, check my reviews or just take a look at my success stories. 
I really do hope all this information has been beneficial to you, if you are interested in anything else please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact me form. I would love to hear from you. 
Thanks for reading 
Katherine x 
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