If you follow me on social media you may have noticed I have been running a lot! This is because I am currently in training for The Manchester Marathon. Believe me running is not my favourite form of exercise so you may question why I have chosen to run a marathon? 
Well lots of reasons. Firstly I like to challenge myself! I do not like to be comfortable for long and to be honest my legs are certainly not feeling like my own at the moment! When you push yourself to do something challenging like this you realise how much you are capable of once you go beyond your comfort zone. 
New Year, New you - Rubbish! 
Lots of you make a New Year’s Resolution to get your fitness back on track or start to lose weight, you know the New Year new you rubbish that is banded around. I really do not care for that mantra at all! I do not see what is wrong with how we are now. You do not need to change who you are to be enough for anyone. I believe what it’s all about is self-development; growing as an individual and discovering things about yourself you didn’t realise you were capable of! Grabbing life by the balls and creating your own legacy making your mark in the world and doing whatever it is that makes you happy or finding what it is that makes you happy!  
This is me 5 years ago after I completed the Humber Half marathon, it was my plan to go to run the Chester Marathon a few months after but I had to pull out as I developed tendonitis in my Achilles. I managed to build my distance to 18miles before it went. Being honest it really put me off running, that was when I discovered Miss Galaxy Universe, and started bodybuilding. I loved it and have enjoyed competing for the last 4 years. However with business growing and the demands of my family life I have felt that perhaps its time to take a break from that, a change is a good as a rest so they say! Not sure running a marathon is a rest!?! So I am determined to make sure I do it this time – injury free!  
Running for a cause.  
As this is a real challenge I wanted to raise some money for my local community, so I have chosen to run my first ever marathon for Ryedale Special Families. They are a wonderful charity that help the families of children with special needs, they currently need extra help as they are in desperate need of a new premises. They have out grown their current facility and in need of a bigger place with wheelchair access, this year they need to raise £150,000 to help them get the mortgage on the building they need. I really want to do my bit to help. Knowing I have sponsors behind me really does help motivate me on the days I don’t feel like it! Please click the link to sponsor me! 
The journey of self-discovery 
Although I said running isn’t my favourite I do really enjoy the time it gives me to reflect and also how there is a little victory in each time I go out and extend my distance. I recently joined a running forum on facebook and there was a comment on there that really struck a chord with me. Someone commented that they had just run 15 miles in the wind and rain this weekend. They couldn’t imagine how they were going to manage another 11 miles?!! I know the feeling and I think we all feel like that at some point in our lives. How many times do you catch yourself thinking I just can’t do this? It’s like being stood at the bottom of the mountain and thinking, “its just too high I will never make it”....  
But it’s the small win in each forward step that gets you there. It may be running a marathon or your first 5k run, it doesn’t matter the victory is in the daily efforts you make. You do not have to be perfect to start you just have to get started and keep going! Be mindful to give yourself a pat on the back when you have achieved, sometimes it is good to look back so you can see how far you have come. If you have come this far you can always go a little bit further. The sky is the limit only you can set the bar! 
Imagine where you could be if you challenge yourself. What small daily effort could you make? Where could you be in a year? 
I would love to hear what you plan to challenge yourself with this year? Maybe I can help just email me info@katherinebray.com or just use the contact form on my website 
Thanks for reading 
Katherine x 
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