Life before Lockdown 

In January this year I knew life was going to be different! Tony & I bought Body & Soul Gym in Malton. 
Excited about our new venture we started to make changes and develop the membership. I also continued to serve my Mobile Personal Training Clients as Katherine Bray Fitness Coach. 
I had a wonderful group of ladies I was training in the gym, The Ladies Transformation Club, business was starting to blossom and I felt lucky to have found my niche in life. 
Then life threw us all a curve ball with COVID-19! The government issued a statement on Thursday 19th March saying that all gyms and hospitality business would have to close by mid-night on Saturday night for what could be at least 3 months. I was scared and devastated but powerless to do anything other than follow suit. 
I remember laying in bed on Saturday morning thinking what the hell am I going to do. I knew I had to do something. I felt I’d lost purpose as well as my gym and business overnight. However I also knew there was help available and if the government did what they promised with grants and furlough pay there was a chance we could be ok. 
I could see that I wouldn’t be the only one with this overwhelming feeling of being lost and without purpose. This led me to decide to start an online community for all our gym members. I called it The Body and Soul Malton Communityclick here. It would be a place where members could access regular exercise everyday at 8am and throughout the day. I didn’t have anything else to do so I gave it a whirl.  
Lots of people joined not just gym members! I was blown away by the response. It gathered momentum, as Sarah Woodhead, who taught Pilates at the gym, soon offered to do some live classes for free as well, followed by Joanna Taylor with Yoga. It has proved to be a very complimentary collaboration! 
This continued for 10 weeks, in the meantime Tony and I started to renovate the gym with a little help of some friends! 

Along came Ben! Another opportunity! 

In between all this happening, probably about 4 weeks in, Ben Jackson connected with me on Linked in. He said he wanted to speak with a personal trainer, we were still well an truly stuck into lockdown so I thought why not.  
He showed me The H3 Program, which stands for Health, Happiness and Habits. I saw it and LOVED it! It was like the missing piece of the puzzle.  
A mindset program with a blueprint to follow, a tried and tested method that I could run along side my transformation programs.  
I knew I had to get involved and signed up for it. I am a great believer in leading by example so I tested myself before I showed my clients. I had spectacular results – my gut instinct was right!  
I now have a 360* approach to my training packages that takes into account all aspects of transformation, Mind, Body and Soul! Amazing! 
I took the decision to move the Wake up and Tone Up at 8am to a VIP group: Mindset, Movement & Mentoring Club. See the Facebook group here.  
I invited my mobile clients to join the H3 program and combined it with an exercise program.  
I quickly got a nice group of clients, new and existing, training with me each morning, following the H3 journal and taking the MOA (Mother of All Superfood Supplement).  
The program works so well because it combines the 7 fundamental habits to create a happier healthier life. It works on the mindset and the nutrition as well as the movement. We are multi-dimensional beings and require a holistic approach. That is what is so good about this program! If you want to know more just fill in the contact me now form here

Sharing knowledge & collaboration 

Ben is a Personal Trainer just like me, he has a little more years’ experience in the industry than I. He said, “Katherine I want to help you! I understand where you are at and I want to help mentor you to grow your business, to level up”.  
He shared some contacts and told me how he’d created an online paid subscription with his clients. He introduced me to more people who could help and so I began to build a paid subscribers group online.  
With no indication of when we could train in groups again or even open the gym, I approached Joanna and Sarah and told them we ought to start charging for our services if we were to survive.  
Our free community were very supportive of our decision to move it to a paid service as most were starting to ask to pay us!  
So there was the birth of Mind, Body and Soul Exercise Group. A group that offers 6 30minute training sessions a week, cooking demos, guest speakers and helpful hints and support to all its members. See the Facebook Group here 

When you learn something new why not share it and teach it yourself?! 

My business has grown multiple branches, I no longer have my eggs all in one basket! If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s how we must pivot, evolve and increase our income streams.  
I have been working closely with Ben and also Dom, my digital guru, I have learnt so much. I have enhanced my digital online offering and I am continuing to grow and develop that.  
hen Ben invited me to join his group of mentors in The Disruptive By Design The Movement Click here, I made no hesitation! This is a digital platform designed to help other fitness and health professionals level up their online and off line businesses. I have met so many people and learnt so many new skills in this last 4 months, I am excited to see what the next few months hold! I feel this is such a positive thing. 
How have you used your lockdown time, what has it made you change? I would love to hear. 
Let the journey continue, forever evolving and moving forward. 
Sending you all positive vibes and healthy wishes. 
Katherine x 
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