Posts from April 2018

Since I started competing and before this I have really noticed the difference between when I eat something that’s good for me and when I eat something that isn’t so good for me! 
I have been “clean eating” for a long time now but in the run up to a competition it gets stricter and stricter the nearer the comp gets. I ban myself from booze, chocolate, cake, sweets crisps nuts. Even white potato, rice bread and pasta goes too! It is tough at first but I soon adjust to increasing my vegetables and protein. 
The benefit of this is that I get lean and find I rarely get any bloating as I’m not eating anything processed. My digestive system works well and I get very regular!!  
Its all that fibre! So I feel great!  
Although with the calorie deficit to get so lean I am sometimes a bit hungry. 
So, I’ve why I have done another competition and plan on doing a whole lot more! 
Things are finally settling down after this weekends competition down in London! For those of you who are not aware I competed in a National Fitness Model Competition, The FMC (Fitness Model Comps.  
I am very happy to tell you I came 3rd in my Category of Bikini Diva, earning my Elite Pro Athlete Card! I am so happy I placed as this is my 5th time doing a competition like this and each time I feel I improve. It is so gratifying to get recognition for all my efforts from a Fitness Federation like this one although it is not the whole reason why I compete. 
It’s a question I am asked regularly, why do I choose to put myself through all that prep? The restricted diet and gruelling training regime are tough, but I just love the whole process! Sounds bonkers I know and for people that know me well this comes as no surprise, but I love it because it is that hard! 
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