Since I started competing and before this I have really noticed the difference between when I eat something that’s good for me and when I eat something that isn’t so good for me! 
I have been “clean eating” for a long time now but in the run up to a competition it gets stricter and stricter the nearer the comp gets. I ban myself from booze, chocolate, cake, sweets crisps nuts. Even white potato, rice bread and pasta goes too! It is tough at first but I soon adjust to increasing my vegetables and protein. 
The benefit of this is that I get lean and find I rarely get any bloating as I’m not eating anything processed. My digestive system works well and I get very regular!!  
Its all that fibre! So I feel great!  
Although with the calorie deficit to get so lean I am sometimes a bit hungry. 
When the competition is over the temptation is to have a blow out! Go have a big pizza and some wine! Every time I do this, although I do enjoy it, I tend to feel lousy the next day! 
Thirsty all day from the excessive amount of salt and the drying effect of the alcohol leaves me feeling quite toxic! We all do it and do get me wrong I will doing it again after this weekends competition, however I find I want to do it less and less as the benefits of drinking less alcohol and eating well far out weigh the effects not taking care to eat right! I just feel so much better with the right fuel to power my engine! 
This week I have been doing some research on vegetarian food. I have a couple of clients that are vegetarian and struggle to keep their daily protein intake high enough. I found several recipes but all so high fat as they use so much cheese and oil. So I went shopping bought some ingredients and got cooking.  
Those of you that are following me on Instagram will have seem some of the dishes I made the other day. A few people have asked me for the recipes so I thought perfect I will write a blog and offer you all a free recipe to download. Please click here to download it now. 
Do you need help to lose weigh or want some inspiration on new healthy foods to eat get in touch. I could write you a bespoke meal plan to suit your dietary requirements that will help you lose weight and inches and feel great!  
See my Healthy Meal Planner page or visit 
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