After training my client this evening I have felt inspired to write about why it is actually a really good thing to not be ok and recognise you’re not ok! The moment you become aware that you are not ok is the moment you can take steps to change. 
We all tend to say to everyone else and even more so to ourselves that yeah, I’m alright. Its normal to be unhappy and dissatisfied with work, life, body shape, fitness, financial situations or whatever your gripe may be. Its common to hear well everyone else has the same problems, I’m not the only one! Then we just settle for our lot. Make our beds and sleep in it. We play the victim to life and circumstances and wallow in our own little world and think is this as good as it gets!? 
Sometimes we feel everything is going wrong for us as we as so unwilling to address our unhappiness that we attract more of the same and end up being even more unhappy. The law of attraction is a powerful thing be careful what you wish for as you may just get it. I know you are all thinking I have not wished for negative to things to happen, but our minds only recognise the thoughts we have. For example, I once reversed my car into a skip. The skip had been outside my house for a whole week, so I knew it was there. I remember thinking I bet I reverse into that soon if its not moved! The next day I did exactly that at 5.30am, it was dark and I was on my way out to a bikini posing camp in London! I smashed the rear light and needed a new back wing and tail gate. Another insurance claim!! ARGGGHHH 
You can take action and make it all change. 
The good news is that awareness of your dissatisfaction brings about change. If you are uncomfortable with how you are or what you are feeling this puts the power back with you to change your circumstances. 
Often, we forget too easily how much we have achieved in our lives already as we become too focused on our everyday lives of going to work and normal routine. We become stagnant and feel helpless stuck in a cycle that is boring us to tears. I challenge you to write 2 lists. 
1. A reverse bucket list. Write down all the things you have achieved throughout your life no matter how big or small. Start with the things you are most proud of. I am sure there will be a few places you have visited, people you have met, things you have owned, friends you have made, sporting challenges, work challenges or bringing up a family. When you see at what you can do by looking at all you have done so far it can be difficult not to be grateful for this thing called life! 
2. A Bucket list. Write down all the things you would most like to do before you die. Then write down a list of the one you can set yourself to get done in the next year. I bet in a years’ you will be amazed at how much on that list you will have done. 
We often feel uncomfortable writing a list of goals or things that we want in our lives and our minds tell us we are being stupid as we start with the feeling of not being worthy or deserving of it. This is ridiculous!! Everyone deserves to be happy without exception. The real reason why we do not write them down is because we are scared we may get them! Although we are unhappy with our situations we know what to expect from our lives. We tell ourselves its easier not to change and keep things the same. Our minds tell us that change is dangerous and to be feared so we stay the same and do nothing and keep on moaning about how boring we are. How fed up we are with being fat and unfit but still eat and drink the same. How we hate our jobs but keep on going because we need the money! 
Do something that scares you! 
Don’t be scared, don’t let fear keep you small and rule your life. Do something that scares you. Write your list and pick something to do immediately! Don’t procrastinate just do it! 
I have these kinds of conversations all the time with my clients. Often people come to me initially because they are unhappy with how they look and think that the exercise will help, and it does! Mind and body are so closely linked as soon as you start taking care of your body the mind then allows you to start looking after yourself in other areas of your life. We sometimes feel guilty for spending time on ourselves and see it as being selfish but in fact its the least selfish thing you can do. By looking after you, you are making yourself a much happier person to be around. 
So, if you want to make a change to your current situation. If you want to get fit, healthy and happier drop me a message or email I would love to hear from you. 
Thanks for reading. 
Katherine x 
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