Want to learn how to change your body shape  but the thought of going to the gym fills you with dread? 

In just 12 weeks you can learn how to change your body shape and maintain it forever in my Ladies Transformation Club. 
Learn to love the gym and get gain confidence in training. 
Group training sessions with weekly check in, online group chat support, make friends and feel more confident. 
For the last 5 years I have been competing in Bikini competitions.  
Whilst I realise that most ladies have no desire to get on stage, lots of ladies do want to look and more importantly feel happy in their own skin.  
What if I told you “you will feel amazing!”  
During this time I have developed a tried and tested exercise and food plan that will give you results – or your money back! 
Don’t believe me come and try it for yourself for FREE! Yes that’s right FREE! 
Join in one of our training sessions and you can train along side some of the other ladies already members of The Ladies Transformation Club!  
Experience first hand what happens in a session and learn how to use the gym and gain confidence training in a gym.  
I teach how to use the equipment and carry out each exercise correctly so you will learn to avoid injury and make the best use of your precious time in the gym. 
You will be able to ask the ladies what they think of the sessions and how it is working for them. 

These are just some of the things members of our club have achieved. 

Hayley Johnson 
Hayley is on here second cycle of the transformation. 
Hayley got great results in her first cycle she felt she would like to continue joining in every Sunday afternoon. 
“My body shape has changed significantly following the advise and guidance of Katherine. I have made friends with the other ladies on a Sunday morning and really look forward to seeing them each week. As well as keeping me on track with the weekly weigh in, the sessions are fun and it really sets me up for the week. It keeps in the right mindset, I have made some really nice friends and we all keep each motivated as we all inspire each other with our own individual journeys.  
We all have different lifestyles but we all have a common goal. We have a good laugh, I would miss it if I didn’t go. Katherine, has shown us how to use all the equipment in the gym and I feel so much more confident going into the gym when I am in the group and has given me the confidence to use the gym on my own too. I train a couple of times a week in between sessions.  
Our weekly group training session are full of variety which I really enjoy as it means I can not get bored and the other girls make it fun too”. I highly recommend the club to anyone especially those who feel intimidated in a gym environment as you will over come this very quickly with the help, support & motivation of Katherine and the other ladies in the group" 
Louisa Jeffels 
“I felt like I needed to do something more than just the 1 personal training session a week I was doing with Katherine. She recommended I tried her new Ladies Transformation Club and I jumped at the chance! I lacked confidence in myself and I needed to loose some weight but I wanted to be around others too so I could get know more people and make new friends. I thought this would be more fun and I was right – we have a right laugh as we exercise. 
The experience has been amazing, I have learnt a lot about exercising in a gym and I feel so much confident about your all the equipment that was all so new to me. I even do some exercises at home that Katherine has shown me. I have lost weigh and inches across the whole of my body, knowing I have done it slowly and steady keeping it off has made me so much more confident. I am now fitting into some clothes that didn’t fit me before. 
I have re-joined the group because I really enjoy it and Katherine is amazing, showing the exercises and giving lots of encouragement I would highly recommend it to others!” 
Caroline Oakes 
"I have thoroughly enjoyed, and embraced the whole ethos of Katherine's program, and whilst I really enjoy working out at the gym loads more than before, for me, the 'light-bulb' moment has been with the food/dietary side of things. For a start, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, not a mung bean or pack of quinoa in sight (though if that's your thing, great!). We were given simple to shop for, easy to prepare recipe and snack ideas to choose from, and encouraged to customise and experiment with them.  
Eileen Greenhalgh 
“I lacked motivation to train in the gym, I knew I should do it but I just wasn’t enjoying going and doing it alone, so when I saw there was a Ladies only group training session I wanted to give it a try as I find it more fun in a group. I find it inspiring to train with other ladies in a similar position to me, we help and support each other and sometimes meet up for extra sessions between our selves to keep us motivated. I have met some really nice ladies it’s a very friendly bunch and I really enjoy our weekly group training sessions. 
I found it difficult at first as some of the exercises and the equipment was new to me but with Katherine’s help and advise I have overcome this and I have seen me strength steadily improve week on week. I feel so much stronger now than when I started! 
I am so happy with the results and enjoyed it so much after completing my first cycle that I am re-joining to do it again! I am really pleased with my new body image and want to maintain and improve it further! I would highly recommend it to any of my friends or family that are looking to gain strength and confidence. You can tone up and feel good and make friends all at the same time!” 
I have a routine now where I try and batch cook loads of stuff on a Sunday for the following week so that I am always prepared for my meals, as I found that if I had nothing prepared, that was when the temptation to go off track happened! 
I love our Monday Training classes, the group dynamic is great, we all get along really well, and always have time for a laugh and a chat between exercises! 
I have lost around 13kg (about 2 stone) in the 12 weeks since I started, I was a 12/14 erring more to the 14, and I am now a size 10, which is not something I thought I would ever say!! I am loads fitter, am getting good muscle tone, and am enjoying my food just as much as before, if not more, as whilst I eat healthily about 80% of the time, the 20% when I don't is so much more of a treat now, I feel like I actually deserve the takeaway or meal out, or wine/s! 
I really enjoy the classes, everyone is likeminded and as I say, we always find time to have a chat whilst we're working out, for me, training as a group is a great way to work out. Katherine is incredibly kind and helpful and has so much energy that even after the classes or training sessions, we always leave feeling invigorated and looking forward to the next one. 
I would wholeheartedly recommend the Transformation Club, as it most certainly has transformed me, physically, and mentally." 


I guarantee to change your life for the better – or your money back. 
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