Helping you to rediscover your inner confidence to shine and love yourself again! 
Are you fed up with feeling tired, sluggish and lacking in energy? 
Do you avoid having your photograph taken or hide in the background at family celebrations? 
Do you look in the mirror and dislike what you see? Maybe you have removed all mirrors from your home? 
Do you struggle to fit in an exercise regime you can stick to and hate restrictive diets that only work for a short time? 
What if there was another way? 
Something that meant that you can change your body and maintain it forever, you would be interested wouldn’t you? 
I have worked with loads of clients in the last 10 years and with all my combined knowledge and experience I have created a formula that can be followed online. It can be done anywhere by anyone and it WORKS! 
Why this programme? 

 Some results 

Video Testimonials 

 Some written reviews 

"I have had the best time working with Katherine. She is so inspirational and motivating which has never made working out with her a chore.  
I had started to do some running initially and lost about 7 lbs, but my weight loss flattened out so I joined up with Katherine to give me some motivation and do some light weight and band training to improve on my fitness and build some muscle definition.  
I am thrilled that after 3 months of help and support I am another stone lighter and feeling more toned than ever. So much so, I am going to carry on working with Katherine.  
She is not only very experienced and professional, but her friendly and warm personality make her a pleasure to work with. I have MS and a lot of joint issues, but Katherine's knowledge and the way she always adapts my work outs to suit me made me put all my trust in her and I've never looked back.  
Basically, she rocks!!" 
Anna Edwards 
"Katherine has been a super supportive coach during my time working with her. She is knowledgeable, patient and down to earth. Her exercise classes are fun and well-paced and they really work, she can also adapt them for different abilities so you never feel left out if you're struggling as I was at first. She is bright and bubbly and motivating which is always really useful when you don't feel like a session - afterwards I always feel really good. 
My programme did not go to the original plan as I had a few unexpected personal and health issues once I'd got started. The first few weeks went really well, and I was already seeing results, but then my progress got side-tracked a little. However, I know for a fact that if I hadn't been working with Katherine, I would have gone back to square one and that didn't happen. I managed to keep most of the weight I'd lost off, and maintain the fitness I'd gained by doing what I could when I could - as advised by Katherine. I knew Katherine would be checking on me and having that accountability as well as an understanding ear made a massive difference. 
I am now back on track and have made massive progress. I can't recommend Katherine enough. If you're wondering if she can help you give her a call and you won't be disappointed. 
Thank you Katherine for getting me back on track and reignited my love of fitness and self-belief" xx 
Zoe Smith 
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