28-day Plan 

Do you want to look and feel better? 
Are you tired of feeling: 
Fed up and bloated? 
Uncomfortable in your own skin? 
Feel toxic? 
Out of control with your diet? 
Sick of the your weight yo-yoing? 
Confused about where to start? 
Perhaps you want to try my bespoke plan but are looking for a more affordable alternative? 
How would you feel if I said you could feel amazing in just 28 days? 
After 28 days you will feel more: 
In control 
Educated about food and know to make the right choices 
This is Paul. 
Paul has been following one of my meal plans and achieved some amazing results! 


I guarantee to change your life for the better – or your money back. 
You too can sample 28 days of a tried and tested plan like Paul’s for only £9.99 and you will feel a whole lot better! Guaranteed or your money back* 
(*you must stick to the plan to get the results guarantee) 
Hurry, sign up now and get started immediately and see results in just 28 days, here is what to do next: 

Calculate your metabolic rate 

Calculate your metabolic rate with a deficit so you can start losing weight at a rate of 2-3lb a week, using my FREE Metabolic Rate Calculator below. 

Fill in the details of your lifestyle 

Simply fill in the relevant boxes and select the right drop downs to suit your lifestyle. 

Choose a meal plan 

Select the meal plan that is closest to your required Daily Calorie Intake. 

Pay the fee 

Pay just £9.99 via Paypal, fill in the email and contact details so I can keep in touch with you for news updates and follow up at the end of your plan. 

Start your plan 

Once you've made your payment I will forward your plan by return email and you can get started on your road to a feeling a more energetic, vibrant, slimmer, healthier version of you. Have more confidence you are making the right choices as after a week of changing your eating habits I guarantee you will start to feel so much better! 

Continue your 28 day plan 

Follow my Bodybootcamp & Personal Training Services Facebook page and Instagram Katherinebrayfitness to keep up with my latest news, hints and recipe suggestions to help give you the variety. You can also contact me directly this way too. I would love to hear from you! 

Metabollic Rate Calculator 

Your Metabolic rate with calorie deficit is Callories per day.
Make your payment
Based on your calculated Metabolic rate with calorie deficit, my Calorie plan should be suitable based on your details. Pay now, and I will forward your plan by return email.
We do not currently have a plan suitable for your calculated Metabolic rate with calorie deficit. Please use the contact form below for further details.

Contact details 

Fill in your contact details so I can keep in touch with you with news updates and also follow upwith you at the end of your plan. 

  What’s included? 

Shopping list 
7 day meal plan that you can mix and match meals that suit you that fit metabolic rate you selected. 
Follow up at the end of the Meal plan for feedback, hints & tips for what to do next. 
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