Welcome to Katherine Bray Fitness Coach and congratulations, you’ve taken that important first step towards a better version of you. 
When someone asks you how you are do you, like most people, trot out the instinctive ‘fine’? If so, do you actually mean fine, or is the truth that you’re really a bit below-par? My philosophy is that fine just isn’t good enough anyway, and everyone can and should feel amazing. 


I guarantee to change your life for the better – or your money back. 


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Imagine how good it would feel to have your very own fitness angel by your side, helping you overcome those bad habits and adopt good ones that will change your life for the better. Sound good? Well, that’s exactly what I offer. 
I will work with you, at a time and place that suits, to help you feel healthier and more energised than you ever imagined you could. 
Starting with a thorough fitness assessment, I tailor make my workout programmes to you and your needs. These include a sensible healthy eating plan and food diary to help you replace bad foods with equally delicious good ones, and a bespoke fitness training programme designed to get you to your goals. 
And to make doubly sure you do, I’ll be by your side every step of the way! 
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I’m based in Pickering, North Yorkshire, but If you live further afield and can’t get together with me on a regular basis, you needn’t miss out, as I also offer online courses which enable you to enjoy all the benefits of personal training in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price. 
My online courses run in six or 12 week blocks, and combine high quality downloadable video workouts, with a tailored diet plan and food diary to help you be more mindful about what you eat and drink. This is combined with online support from me, and access to a private WhatsApp group where you can share your progress with me and other participants, for ongoing support. 
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