Posts from May 2018

We are all conditioned over time to be afraid of failing as by doing so we often feel like we aren’t up to the mark. Like we are not good enough to be doing what we want to do or are unable of reaching our dreams and goals. True for many people how choose to think like that but I have learned that it’s the hardships, knocks and curve balls that life has thrown at me that have made me stronger. Each time life has not worked out as I have expected for me, something better has arrived around the corner. A few times I have lost sight of what is important, and I have received a jolt to reset me back on my destined path! I do believe in fate and I feel I have really found my niche in my career, and I feel incredibly lucky and grateful for all my failures for without them I would not have come as far as I have or be going as far I am! For I have not finished yet by a long shot! 
Do you want to lose weight and stay that way? 
Imagine if you knew how to keep the weight off forever! 
What if I told you its already inside you to be able to do this but bad habits that you’ve created are blocking you? 
It's your mindset that is stopping you, the daft excuses you tell yourself everyday! 
Such as: 
• I can’t lose weight, because my job is so sedentary I can’t exercise enough 
• I can’t change my diet as I am too addicted to chocolate 
• I need to drink because it helps me relax. 
• I am over weight because of my genetics. 
The list of things we tell ourselves is endless! 
The point is you have to WANT to CHANGE!  
The pain or discomfort you feel has to out weigh the pleasure you get from maintaining your current lifestyle. 
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